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person who endorses a promissory note without compensation or benefit but simply as a favor to the borrower accommodation endorser
(law) compensation for losses that can readily be proven to have occurred and for which the injured party has the right to be compensated actual damages , compensatory damages , general damages
sum of money paid in compensation for loss or injury amends , damages , indemnification , indemnity , redress , restitution
compensation and repayment amends , redemption , redress , reparations , restitution
restoration as compensation amends , reparation
compensation for a wrong atonement , expiation , satisfaction
compensation paid to the family of a murdered person blood money
time off that is granted to a worker as compensation for working overtime compensatory time
charge required as compensation for the delay of a ship or freight car or other cargo beyond its scheduled time of departure demurrage
amount periodically charged to expense or against revenue in compensation for depreciation of property depreciation charge
right of the state to take private property for public use; the Fifth Amendment that was added to the Constitution of the United States requires that just compensation be made eminent domain
compensation or pay emolument
compensation received by virtue of holding an office or having employment (usually in the form of wages or fees) emolument
(law) compensation in excess of actual damages (a form of punishment awarded in cases of malicious or willful misconduct) exemplary damages , punitive damages , smart money
amendment to the Constitution of the United States that imposes restrictions on the government's prosecution of persons accused of crimes; mandates due process of law and prohibits self-incrimination and double jeopardy; requires just compensation if priv Fifth Amendment
something acquired without compensation gift
act of compensation for actual loss or damage or for trouble and annoyance indemnification
compensation for damage, loss indemnity
productive work performed voluntarily without material reward or compensation labor of love , labour of love
balance or compensation offset
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