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act of terminating a project or procedure before it is completed abort
award conferred by a college or university signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed a course of study academic degree , degree
large temple of the Greek goddess Artemis which was begun at Ephesus in 541 BC and completed 220 years later; the temple was destroyed by the Goths in 262 Artemision at Ephesus
academic degree conferred on someone who has successfully completed undergraduate studies baccalaureate , bachelor's degree
mark indicating that something has been noted or completed etc. check , check mark , tick
(stock market) the price of the last transaction completed during a day's trading session closing price
ceremony held in the synagogue (usually at Pentecost) to admit as adult members of the Jewish community young men and women who have successfully completed a course of study in Judaism confirmation
recognition by a college or university that a course of studies has been successfully completed; typically measured in semester hours course credit , credit
point in time at which something must be completed deadline
test procedure in which the identity of those receiving the intervention is concealed from both the administrators and the subjects until after the test is completed; designed to reduce or eliminate bias in the results double blind
operation that is completed in a specified number of regularly timed execution cycles fixed-cycle operation
perfective tense used to describe action that will be completed in the future future perfect , future perfect tense
someone who has completed the course of study (including hospital practice) at a nurses training school graduate nurse , trained nurse
Mongolian emperor of China and grandson of Genghis Khan who completed his grandfather's conquest of China; he establish the Yuan dynasty and built a great capital on the site of modern Beijing where he received Marco Polo (1216-1294) Kublai Kaan , Kublai Khan , Kubla Khan
drawing completed with rulers, scales, and compasses mechanical drawing
sentence is completed, release for good behavior before parole , probation
participle that expresses completed action past participle , perfect participle
perfective tense used to express action completed in the past past perfect , past perfect tense , pluperfect , pluperfect tense
telephone central where circuits are completed with patchcords patchboard , plugboard , switchboard
tense of verbs used in describing action that has been completed (sometimes regarded as perfective aspect) perfect , perfective , perfective tense , perfect tense
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