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requirement for admission to or completion of an academic program academic requirement
list of items for completion agenda
verb tense in some languages (classical Greek and Sanskrit) expressing action (especially past action) without indicating its completion or continuation aorist
beginning or duration or completion or repetition of the action of a verb aspect
degree granted by a two-year college on successful completion of the undergraduates course of studies associate , associate degree
mark with a symbol to indicate completion check
symbol of completion check
completion of marriage by sexual intercourse consummation
act of bringing to completion or fruition consummation
end or reach completion culminate
document certifying the successful completion of a course of study diploma , sheepskin
(law) the completion of a legal instrument (such as a contract or deed) by signing it (and perhaps sealing and delivering it) so that it becomes legally binding and enforceable execution , execution of instrument
mutually agreed delay in the date set for the completion of a job or payment of a debt extension
injunction issued on completion of a trial final injunction , permanent injunction
act of carrying a stroke to its natural completion follow-through
carrying some project or intention to full completion follow-through
successful completion of a program of study graduation
aspect without regard to the beginning or completion of the action of the verb imperfective , imperfective aspect
(chemistry) a substance that changes color to indicate the presence of some ion or substance; can be used to indicate the completion of a chemical reaction or (in medicine) to test for a particular reaction indicator
completion, steps toward inroads
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