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odd and confined to small group abstruse , esoteric
bed, confined or staying in accouchement , confinement , lying-in
mechanical device using confined air to absorb the shock of motion air cushion , air spring
large cell where prisoners (people awaiting trial or sentence or refugees or illegal immigrants) are confined together temporarily bullpen , detention cell , detention centre
animal that is confined captive
person who is confined; especially a prisoner of war captive , prisoner
morbid fear of being closed in a confined space claustrophobia
penal camp where political prisoners or prisoners of war are confined (usually under harsh conditions) concentration camp , stockade
state of being confined confinement
state of being confined (usually for a short time) custody , detainment , detention , hold
dark cell (usually underground) where prisoners can be confined dungeon
King of England who was crowned at the age of 13 on the death of his father Edward IV but was immediately confined to the Tower of London where he and his younger brother were murdered (1470-1483) Edward , Edward V
toxin that is confined inside the microorganisms and is released only when the microorganisms are broken down or die endotoxin
confined to rivers Gasterosteus pungitius , ten-spined stickleback
Apache chieftain who raided the white settlers in the Southwest as resistance to being confined to a reservation (1829-1909) Geronimo
cell in which soldiers under guard are confined guardroom
jail in a courthouse where accused persons can be confined during a trial holding cell
pen where livestock is temporarily confined holding paddock , holding pen , holding yard
people who are confined to their homes homebound
period of time when you are confined to a hospital hospitalization
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