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any disorder (as sudden confusion or disorientation) in an otherwise normal person that is due to reversible (temporary) impairment of brain tissues (as by head injuries or drugs or infection) acute brain disorder , acute organic brain syndrome
mental confusion amentia
confusion of voices and other sounds babel
noisy confusion babel , bedlam , fracas
confusion resulting from failure to understand bafflement , befuddlement , bemusement , bewilderment , mystification , obfuscation , puzzlement
confusion and fuss bedlam , brouhaha , commotion , furor , havoc , hubbub , hullabaloo , mayhem , pandemonium , tumult
state of extreme confusion and disorder bedlam , chaos , pandemonium , topsy-turvydom , topsy-turvyness
noisy confusion and turbulence bluster
confusion of activity and gossip buzz
utter confusion chaos
mass confusion chaos
color blindness with confusion of green and red daltonism , protanopia
confusion characterized by lack of clarity daze , fog , haze
usually brief state of excitement and mental confusion often accompanied by hallucinations delirium
state of disorder and confusion demoralisation , demoralization
word used in exclamations of confusion deuce , devil , dickens
disturbance of a systematic arrangement causing disorder and confusion disorganisation , disorganization
confusion (usually transient) about where you are and how to proceed; uncertainty as to direction disorientation
surround with confusion or conflict embroil
state of commotion and noise and confusion garboil , tumult , tumultuousness , uproar
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