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alloy that contains 75 per cent gold 18-karat gold
alloy that contains 87 per cent gold 22-karat gold
top layer of a soil profile; usually contains humus A-horizon , A horizon
short saying that contains a common observation adage
principal sacred text of Sikhism contains hymns and poetry as well as the teachings of the first five gurus Adi Granth , Granth , Granth Sahib
mountain range in south central Alaska; contains Mount McKinley Alaska Range
oily colorless liquid obtained by the condensation of two molecules of acetaldehyde; contains an alcohol group (-OH) and an aldehyde group (-CHO) aldehyde-alcohol , aldol
monosaccharide sugar that contains the aldehyde group or is hemiacetal aldose
aliphatic compound that contains a ring of atoms alicyclic compound
trade name for an alloy used to make high-energy permanent magnets; contains aluminum and iron and nickel plus cobalt or copper or titanium Alnico
soup that contains small noodles in the shape of letters of the alphabet alphabet soup
ridge that forms the borders of the upper and lower jaws and contains the sockets of the teeth alveolar process , alveolar ridge , gum ridge
complex inorganic compound that contains ammonia molecules ammine
small bottle that contains a drug (especially a sealed sterile container for injection by needle) ampoule , ampul , ampule , phial , vial
male parthenogenesis in which the embryo contains only paternal chromosomes due to the failure of the egg nucleus to participate in fertilization androgenesis , androgeny
constellation in the northern hemisphere between Cassiopeia and Pegasus; contains the Andromeda galaxy Andromeda
part of the stamen that contains pollen; usually borne on a stalk anther
lead alloy that contains about 5% antimony antimonial lead , hard lead
last book of the New Testament; contains visionary descriptions of heaven and of conflicts between good and evil and of the end of the world; attributed to Saint John the apostle Apocalypse , Book of Revelation , Revelation , Revelation of Saint John the Divine
highest region of the ionosphere (from 90 to 600 miles up) which contains the highest concentration of free electrons and is most useful for long-range radio transmission Appleton layer , F layer , F region
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