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abstract genre of art; artistic content depends on internal form rather than pictorial representation abstract art , abstractionism
message whose content is at variance with reason absurdity , absurdness , ridiculousness
abnormally low oxygen content in arterial blood anoxemia
gold content, chemical analysis of assay
any cognitive content held as true belief
fast-growing herbaceous evergreen tree of South America having a broad trunk with high water content and dark green oval leaves bella sombra , ombu , Phytolacca dioica
creative writing valued for esthetic content belles-lettres , belles lettres
rule of evidence requiring that to prove the content of a writing or recording or photograph the original is required best evidence rule
device that measures chemicals (especially the alcohol content) in a person's expired breath breathalyser , breathalyzer
list of foods and information about their caloric content calorie chart
chemical analysis used to determine the age of organic materials based on their content of the radioisotope carbon-14; believed to be reliable up to 40,000 years carbon-14 dating , carbon dating , radiocarbon dating
chemoreceptor located near the bifurcations of the carotid arteries; monitors oxygen content of the blood and helps control respiration carotid body
lump of material formed from the content of a liquid clot , coagulum
food that is simply prepared and gives a sense of wellbeing; typically food with a high sugar or carbohydrate content that is associated with childhood or with home cooking comfort food
intact cytoplasmic content of a cell cytoplast
loss of the mineral content of bone tissue deossification
cream with a fat content of 48% or more double creme , heavy whipping cream
person responsible for the editorial aspects of publication; the person who determines the final content of a text (especially of a newspaper or magazine) editor , editor in chief
geological change in the mineral content of rock after the rock has formed epigenesis
content of direct observation or participation in an event experience
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