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roentgenographic examination of blood vessels after injection of a radiopaque contrast medium; produces an angiogram angiography
X ray of an artery filled with a contrast medium arteriogram
X ray of a joint after the injection of a contrast medium arthrogram
roentgenographic examination of a joint after injection of radiopaque contrast medium; produces an arthrogram arthrography
contrast medium is injected into the rectum and x-rays are taken to search for lesions barium enema
contrast as literary technique chiaroscuro
roentgenographic examination of the bile ducts after a contrast medium has been injected cholangiography
distinction drawn on the basis of contrast contradistinction
quality of being dim or lacking contrast dimness , faintness
X ray of the brain made by replacing spinal fluid with a gas (usually oxygen) to improve contrast encephalogram , pneumoencephalogram
anything that serves by contrast to call attention to another thing's good qualities enhancer , foil
property of having little or no contrast; lacking highlights or gloss flatness , lusterlessness , lustrelessness , mat , matt , matte
diagnostic tests of the alimentary canal; usually involves inserting a contrast medium (such as barium sulfate) and taking an X-ray GI series
act of increasing the contrast of (a photographic film) intensification
performing pyelography with intravenous injection of a contrast medium intravenous pyelography , IVP
roentgenographic examination of lymph nodes and lymph vessels after injection of a radiopaque contrast medium; produces a lymphangiogram lymphangiography , lymphography
roentgenography of the spinal cord to detect possible lesions (usually after injection of a contrast medium into the subarachnoid space) myelography
approach to politics or theology that represents a return to a traditional point of view (in contrast to more liberal or radical schools of thought of the 1960s) neoconservatism
typeface (based on an 18th century design) distinguished by irregularity and slanted ascender serifs and little contrast between light and heavy strokes old style , old style font
X ray of a vein injected with a radiopaque contrast medium phlebogram , venogram
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