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pleasant in conversation affable
conversation, departure in observation from aside , digression , excursus , parenthesis
conversation, lively badinage , banter , gabfest
mention a new conversation topic broach
pause or interruption in verse or conversation caesura
pause or interruption (as in a conversation) caesura
chat or informal conversation causerie
conversation, informal causerie , chat
light informal conversation for social occasions causerie , chin-wag , chin-wagging , chitchat , gab , gabfest , gossip , small talk , tittle-tattle
informal conversation chat , confab , confabulation , schmoose , schmooze
conversation participant collocutor , interlocutor
formal conversation colloquy
conference or conversation, formal colloquy
conversation especially a formal one colloquy
conversation or discussion, formal colloquy
something interesting that stimulates conversation conversation piece
person who takes part in a conversation conversational partner , interlocutor
someone skilled at conversation conversationalist , conversationist , schmoozer
dining, artful or learned conversation while deipnosophy
literary composition in the form of a conversation between two people dialog , dialogue
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