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very rich cookie containing ground almonds; usually crescent-shaped almond cookie , almond crescent
cookie made without butter and flavored with anise seed anise cookie
cookie containing much butter butter cookie
kitchen utensil used to cut a sheet of cookie dough into desired shapes before baking cookie cutter
crisp round cookie flavored with ginger ginger nut , ginger snap , gingersnap , snap
cookie, flat brittle, made with ginger and molasses gingersnap
cookie bar made of granola granola bar
small flat ring-shaped cake or cookie jumbal , jumble
cookie made of egg whites and sugar kiss
chewy cookie usually containing almond paste macaroon
coconut cookie macaroon
almond cookie macaroon
cookie, chewy, with coconut or almonds macaroon
cookie made with almond paste or coconut macaroon
chocolate cookie with white cream filling oreo , oreo cookie
cookie-sized candy made of brown sugar and butter and pecans praline
cookie that is saved permanently on your hard drive precision cookie
cookie containing raisins raisin cookie
cookie filled with a paste of raisins and nuts raisin-nut cookie
cookie that is stored temporarily and is destroyed when you close the link session cookie
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