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perennial grasses of temperate and cool regions: wheatgrass; dog grass Agropyron , genus Agropyron
system that keeps air cool and dry air conditioner , air conditioning
terrestrial worm that burrows into and helps aerate soil; often surfaces when the ground is cool or wet; used as bait by anglers angleworm , crawler , dew worm , earthworm , fishing worm , fishworm , nightcrawler , nightwalker , red worm , wiggler
small fern with slim green fronds; widely distributed in cool parts of northern hemisphere Asplenium viride , green spleenwort
fluid agent (gas or liquid) that produces cooling; especially one used to cool a system by transferring heat away from one part to another coolant
cooling system used in industry to cool hot water (by partial evaporation) before reusing it as a coolant cooling tower
mechanism for keeping something cool cooling , cooling system
water that has condensed on a cool surface overnight from water vapor in the air dew
of Australia and Tasmania; often cultivated; hardy in cool climates Dicksonia antarctica , soft tree fern
mixture of clays and chemicals and water; pumped down the drill pipe to lubricate and cool the drilling bit and to flush out the cuttings and to strengthen the sides of the hole drilling fluid , drilling mud
small red-fruited trailing cranberry of Arctic and cool regions of the northern hemisphere European cranberry , small cranberry , Vaccinium oxycoccus
type genus of the Gentianaceae; cosmopolitan genus of herbs nearly cosmopolitan in cool temperate regions; in some classifications includes genera Gentianopsis and Gentianella Gentiana , genus Gentiana
chiefly perennial grasses of cool temperate regions genus Poa , Poa
short-stemmed perennial herbs of cool or temperate regions: wintergreen; shinleaf genus Pyrola
small low-growing annual or perennial herbs of temperate and cool regions genus Sagina , Sagina
genus of herbs of temperate and cool regions of Eurasia genus Saussurea , Saussurea
type genus of the Saxifragaceae; large genus of usually perennial herbs of arctic and cool regions of northern hemisphere: saxifrage genus Saxifraga , Saxifraga
genus of perennial herbs of cool temperate regions; sometimes placed in family Melanthiaceae genus Tofieldia , Tofieldia
if steel or iron cool very slowly the cementite may occur in globules instead of in layers globular pearlite , granular pearlite
found in still or slow-moving fresh or brackish water; useful to oxygenate cool water ponds and aquaria horned pondweed , Zannichellia palustris
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