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television reporter who coordinates a broadcast to which several correspondents contribute anchor , anchorman , anchorperson
one of the coordinates in a system of coordinates that locates a point on a plane or in space by its distance from two lines or three planes respectively; the two lines or the intersections of the three planes are the coordinate axes Cartesian coordinate
coordinate system for which the coordinates of a point are its distances from a set perpendicular lines that intersect at the origin of the system cartesian coordinate system
plane in which all points can be described in cartesian coordinates cartesian plane
hand-operated electronic device that controls the coordinates of a cursor on your computer screen as you move it around on a pad; on the bottom of the device is a ball that rolls on the surface of the pad computer mouse , mouse
(physics) parity is conserved in a universe in which the laws of physics are the same in a right-handed system of coordinates as in a left-handed system conservation of parity , mirror symmetry , parity , space-reflection symmetry
system that uses coordinates to establish position coordinate system , frame of reference , reference frame , reference system
(astronomy) the precise date that is the point of reference for which information (as coordinates of a celestial body) is referred date of reference , epoch
United States federal department that institutes and coordinates national transportation programs; created in 1966 Department of Transportation , DoT , Transportation
French philosopher and mathematician; developed dualistic theory of mind and matter; introduced the use of coordinates to locate a point in two or three dimensions (1596-1650) Descartes , Rene Descartes
one of three Cartesian coordinates that determine a position in space dimension
routine that coordinates the operation of subroutines executive routine , supervisory routine
network of horizontal and vertical lines that provide coordinates for locating points on an image grid , reference grid
United States cryptologic organization that coordinates and directs highly specialized activities to protect United States information systems and to produce foreign intelligence information National Security Agency , NSA
point of intersection of coordinate axes; where the values of the coordinates are all zero origin
graphical representation (in polar or Cartesian coordinates) of the spatial distribution of radiation from an antenna as a function of angle pattern , radiation diagram , radiation pattern
(physics) a universal law that states that the laws of mechanics are not affected by a uniform rectilinear motion of the system of coordinates to which they are referred principle of relativity
curve or surface whose equation (in Cartesian coordinates) is of the second degree quadric , quadric surface
promotion that supplements or coordinates advertising sales promotion
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