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paralysis of the vocal cords resulting in an inability to speak alalia
sexual practice that involves physically restraining (by cords or handcuffs) one of the partners bondage
whip with nine knotted cords cat , cat-o'-nine-tails
tropical American vine having roots that hang like cords and cylindrical fruit with a pineapple and banana flavor ceriman , Monstera deliciosa
inflammation of the vocal cords chorditis
hammock cords clews
cords used to suspend a hammock clews
amount of wood in an area as measured in cords cordage
explosive powder (nitroglycerin and guncotton and petrolatum) dissolved in acetone and dried and extruded in brown cords cordite
firewood cut and stacked in cords; wood sold by the cord cordwood
fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines cringle , eyelet , grommet , grummet , loop
either of the upper two vocal cords that are not involved in vocalization false vocal cord , false vocal fold , superior vocal cord , ventricular fold , vestibular fold
upper part of the trachea, known as the vocal cords larynx
cartilaginous structure at the top of the trachea; contains elastic vocal cords that are the source of the vocal tone in speech larynx , voice box
coarse lace; made by weaving and knotting cords macrame
tightly woven fabric with raised cords pique
calculator consisting of a cord with attached cords; used by ancient Peruvians for calculating and keeping records quipu
speech sound accompanied by sound from the vocal cords sonant , voiced sound
double knot made of two half hitches and used to join the ends of two cords square knot
consonant produced without sound from the vocal cords surd , voiceless consonant
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