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moral corruption baseness , decadence , depravity , dry rot , filth , turpitude
corruption, source of spreading canker
invasion and corruption of computer programs computer virus
corruption, moral depravity
moral corruption or pollution filthiness
Italian religious and political reformer; a Dominican friar in Florence who preached against sin and corruption and gained a large following; he expelled the Medici from Florence but was later excommunicated and executed for criticizing the Pope (1452-149 Girolamo Savonarola , Savonarola
officials, corruption of public graft , jobbery
corruption in public office graft , jobbery
corruption in government or business graft , malversation
Czechoslovakian religious reformer who anticipated the Reformation; he questioned the infallibility of the Catholic Church was excommunicated (1409) for attacking the corruption of the clergy; he was burned at the stake (1372-1415) Hus , Huss , Jan Hus , John Huss
moral corruption or contamination infection
political corruption malversation
expose corruption or possible corruption muckrake
fund for bribes and corruption slush fund
secret fund used for corruption slush fund
corruption, fund used for slush fund
any location known for vice and corruption sodom
political organization within the Democratic Party in New York City (late 1800's and early 1900's) seeking political control by corruption and bossism Tammany , Tammany Hall , Tammany Society
Calvinist doctrine that everyone is born in a state of corruption as a result of original sin total depravity
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