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American everlasting having foliage with soft wooly hairs and corymbose heads with pearly white bracts Anaphalis margaritacea , cottonweed , pearly everlasting
mostly Australian herbs having basal or alternate leaves and loosely corymbose flower heads Brachycome , genus Brachycome
low-growing bristly shrub of southern Oregon and California with creeping rootstocks and usually corymbose flowers ground rose , Rosa spithamaea
tufted evergreen perennial having ciliate leaves and yellow corymbose flowers often spotted orange Saxifraga aizoides , yellow mountain saxifrage
any of various shrubs or small trees of the genus Strophanthus having whorled leaves and showy flowers of various colors in dense and corymbose clusters; some have poisonous seeds strophanthus
herb having corymbose white-rayed flowers with scaly bracts and silky indehiscent fruits white-topped aster
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