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arises from two sets of roots (cranial and spinal) that unite to form the nerve accessory nerve , eleventh cranial nerve , nervus accessorius , spinal accessory
branch of the anterior ethmoidal artery that supplies meninges in the anterior cranial fossa anterior meningeal artery
either of a pair of large venous sinuses in the cranial cavity cavernous sinus , sinus cavernosus
any of the important motor nerves on each side of the central nervous system that run from the sensorimotor areas of the cortex through the brainstem to motor neurons of the cranial nerve nuclei and the ventral horn of the spinal cord corticospinal tract , pyramidal motor system , pyramidal tract
one of the veins serving the spongy part of the cranial bones diploic vein , vena diploica
cranial nerve that supplies facial muscles facial , facial nerve , nervus facialis , seventh cranial nerve
large cranial bone forming the front part of the cranium: includes the upper part of the orbits forehead , frontal bone , os frontale
either of the two cranial nerves on either side that control the superior oblique muscles of the eyes fourth cranial nerve , trochlear , trochlearis , trochlear nerve
aneurysm of a cranial artery intracranial aneurysm
cranial nerve that serves the retina nervus opticus , optic nerve , optic tract , second cranial nerve
branch of the ascending pharyngeal artery that supplies the dura mater of the posterior cranial fossa posterior meningeal artery
cranial cavity sinus
early man of late Pleistocene; skull resembles that of Neanderthal man but with smaller cranial capacity; found in Java Solo man
any of the tiny soft bones found in the sutures between cranial bones sutural bone , Wormian bone
cranial nerve vagus
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