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shrub or small tree of northwestern North America having fragrant creamy white flowers and small waxy purple-red fruits alder-leaved serviceberry , alderleaf Juneberry , Amelanchier alnifolia
North American astilbe with panicles of creamy white flowers Astilbe biternata , false goatsbeard
erect or spreading herb having racemes of creamy white flowers; the eastern United States Baptisia lactea , white false indigo
stemless plant with tufts of grasslike leaves and erect panicle of minute creamy white flowers; southwestern United States and Mexico bear grass , Nolina microcarpa
plant of western North America having woody rhizomes and tufts of stiff grasslike basal leaves and spikes of creamy white flowers bear grass , squaw grass , Xerophyllum tenax
tree or tall shrub with shiny leaves and umbels of fragrant creamy-white flowers; yields hard heavy reddish wood beefwood , scrub beefwood , Stenocarpus salignus
soup of meat or fish, creamy bisque
creamy dressing containing crumbled blue cheese bleu cheese dressing , blue cheese dressing
evergreen climbing shrub of southern Florida and West Indies grown for its racemes of fragrant white to creamy flowers followed by globose white succulent berries blolly , Chiococca alba , West Indian snowberry
herb of China and Japan widely cultivated for its plumelike panicles of creamy white flowers bocconia , Macleaya cordata , plume poppy
stocky creamy-white Asiatic moth found almost entirely under human care; the source of most of the silk of commerce Bombyx mori , domestic silkworm moth
candlewood of Mexico and southwestern California having tall columnar stems and bearing honey-scented creamy yellow flowers boojum tree , cirio , Fouquieria columnaris , Idria columnaris
creamy white sauce made with bread instead of flour and seasoned with cloves and onion bread sauce
genus of herbs of southwestern America having usually creamy florets followed by one-seeded fruits in a prominent bristly sheath Brickellia , genus Brickelia
soft creamy white cheese; milder than Camembert Brie
small South African tree having creamy yellow fragrant flowers usually growing on stream banks bush willow , Combretum erythrophyllum
cheese with a creamy center, soft Camembert
rich soft creamy French cheese Camembert
showy perennial of marshlands of eastern and central North America having waxy lanceolate leaves and flower with lower part creamy white and upper parts pale pink to deep purple Chelone glabra , shell-flower , shellflower , snake-head , snakehead , turtlehead
woody vine of Argentina grown as an ornamental for its glossy leaves and racemes of large fragrant funnel-shaped creamy-white flowers Chilean jasmine , Mandevilla laxa
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