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liability account showing how much is owed for goods and services purchased on credit account payable , payable
act of granting credit or recognition (especially with respect to educational institution that maintains suitable standards) accreditation
financial institution that dispenses cash in automated teller machines and collects a fee from the bank that issued the credit card acquirer
credit card processing bank; merchants receive credit for credit card receipts less a processing fee acquirer , merchant bank
security issued by United States government agencies or the Farm Credit System agency security , government security
expert who studies financial data (on credit or securities or sales or financial patterns etc.) and recommends appropriate business actions analyst
academic course without credit, attend audit
student who attends a course but does not take it for credit auditor
equality between the totals of the credit and debit sides of an account balance
difference between the totals of the credit and debit sides of an account balance
credit card issued by a bank bank card
inability of a bank to meet its credit obligations bank failure
maximum credit that a customer is allowed bank line , credit line , line , line of credit , personal credit line , personal line of credit
letter of credit issued by a bank or express company that is payable on presentation to any correspondent of the issuer banker's check , traveler's check , traveller's check
engaging in the business of keeping money for savings and checking accounts or for exchange or for issuing loans and credit etc. banking
person who holds a credit card or debit card cardholder
credit card that entitles the holder to receive cash cashcard , cash card
government monetary authority that issues currency and regulates the supply of credit and holds the reserves of other banks and sells new issues of securities for the government central bank
consumer credit line that can be used up to a certain limit or paid down at any time charge account credit , open-end credit , revolving credit
credit extended by a business to a customer charge account , credit account , open account
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