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crew of an aircraft air crew , aircrew
contract between crew and captain of a ship articles of agreement , shipping articles
vessel (such as a yacht) that can be chartered without a captain or crew or provisions bareboat
boating by chartering a bareboat and providing your own crew and provisions bareboating
British admiral; was captain of the H.M.S. Bounty in 1789 when part of the crew mutinied and set him afloat in an open boat; a few weeks later he arrived safely in Timor 4,000 miles away (1754-1817) Bligh , Captain Bligh , William Bligh
act of passengers and crew getting aboard a ship or aircraft boarding , embarkation , embarkment
member of a bomber crew responsible for using the bombsight and releasing the bombs on the target bombardier
crew of a bomber bomber aircrew , bomber crew
ship of the British navy; in 1789 part of the crew mutinied against their commander William Bligh and set him afloat in an open boat Bounty , H.M.S. Bounty
car on a freight train for use of the train crew; usually the last car on the train cabin car , caboose
crew of a ship including the officers; the whole force or personnel of a ship company , ship's company
helmsman of a ship's boat or a racing crew cox , coxswain
rower directing crew cox , coxswain
member of a work crew crewman
member of a flight crew crewman , crew member
any member of a ship's crew crewman , sailor
act of passengers and crew getting off of a ship or aircraft debarkation , disembarkation , disembarkment
member of a ship's crew who performs manual labor deckhand , roustabout
crew of workers selected for a particular task detail
living quarters consisting of a superstructure in the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housed fo'c'sle , forecastle
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