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erect perennial of Mexico having rose to crimson flowers Agastache mexicana , Mexican hyssop
large ornamental tropical American tree with bipinnate leaves and globose clusters of flowers with crimson stamens and seed pods that are eaten by cattle Albizia saman , monkeypod , monkey pod , rain tree , saman , zaman , zamang
commonly cultivated tropical American cactus having slender creeping stems and very large showy crimson flowers that bloom for several days Aporocactus flagelliformis , rat's-tail cactus , rattail cactus
densely branching perennial of the eastern United States with white to crimson or purple flowers Asclepias incarnata , swamp milkweed
shrub of western United States having pink or crimson flowers; often forms thickets California redbud , Cercis occidentalis , western redbud
hairy perennial of central United States having round deeply lobed leaves and loose panicles of large crimson-purple or cherry-red flowers Callirhoe involucrata , purple poppy mallow
small European finch having a crimson face and yellow-and-black wings Carduelis carduelis , goldfinch
Eurasian perennial naturalized in eastern North America having very spiny white cottony foliage and nodding musky crimson flower heads; valuable source of nectar Carduus nutans , musk thistle , nodding thistle
small Dominican tree bearing masses of large crimson flowers before the fine pinnate foliage emerges carib wood , Sabinea carinalis
wildflower of western North America having ragged clusters of crimson or scarlet flowers Castilleja miniata , giant red paintbrush
small South American spiny tree with dark crimson and scarlet flowers solitary or clustered ceibo , common coral tree , cry-baby tree , crybaby tree , Erythrina crista-galli
European herb with small fragrant crimson or white spurred flowers Centranthus ruber , French honeysuckle , red valerian
grown for outstanding display of brilliant usually scarlet-crimson flowers; Andes Chilean firebush , Chilean flameflower , Embothrium coccineum
any of several plants of the genus Blandfordia having large orange or crimson flowers Christmas bells
handsome shrub with showy orange to scarlet or crimson flowers; Florida and West Indies to Mexico and Brazil coloradillo , Hamelia erecta , Hamelia patens , scarlet bush , scarlet hamelia
southern European annual with spiky heads of crimson flower; extensively cultivated in United States for forage crimson clover , Italian clover , Trifolium incarnatum
tall straggling shrub with large globose crimson-yellow flowers; western Australia cushion flower , Hakea laurina , pincushion hakea
shrub or small tree of southeastern United States to West Indies and Brazil; grown for the slender racemes of white flowers and orange and crimson foliage cyrilla , Cyrilla racemiflora , leatherwood , white titi
low-growing loosely mat-forming Eurasian pink with a single pale pink flower with a crimson center Dianthus deltoides , maiden pink
old cottage garden plant of southeastern Europe widely cultivated for its attractive white woolly foliage and showy crimson flowers dusty miller , gardener's delight , Lychnis coronaria , mullein pink , rose campion
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