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dangerous crocodile widely distributed in Africa African crocodile , Crocodylus niloticus , Nile crocodile
destroys crocodile eggs African monitor , Varanus niloticus
estuarine crocodile of eastern Asia and Pacific islands Asian crocodile , Crocodylus porosus
crocodile of tropical America caiman
crocodile-like lizard of South America having powerful jaws for crushing snails and mussels caiman lizard
crocodile of southeast Asia similar to but smaller than the gavial false gavial , Tomistoma schlegeli
crocodile type reptile of India gavial , gharial
northern African mongoose; in ancient times thought to devour crocodile eggs Herpestes ichneumon , ichneumon
variety of crocodile Morlett's crocodile
herbivorous or carnivorous dinosaur having a three-pronged pelvis like that of a crocodile saurischian , saurischian dinosaur
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