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covered with bread crumbs or cheese au gratin
bread crumbs and cheese melted on dish au gratin
potatoes cooked with cheese and browned bread crumbs au gratin
cheese and bread crumbs and browned, covered with au gratin
mold lined with cake or crumbs and filled with fruit or whipped cream or custard charlotte
pounded chicken cutlets rolled around butter (that has been seasoned with herbs) and then covered with crumbs and fried chicken Kiev
crumbs of crackers used especially for coating or thickening cracker crumbs
well-seasoned balls of ground fish and eggs and crushed crumbs simmered in fish stock fish ball , gefilte fish
flaked fish baked in a loaf with bread crumbs and various seasonings fish loaf
cheese dish made with bread and egg crumbs that is baked and served in individual fireproof dishes ramekin , ramequin
open pie filled with a mixture of sweet crumbs and molasses shoofly pie
small receptacle with a handle and a hinged lid; used for collecting crumbs or ashes silent butler
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