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class of echinoderms including the sea cucumbers class Holothuroidea , Holothuroidea
cucumbers; muskmelons Cucumis , genus Cucumis
radially symmetrical marine invertebrates including e.g. starfish and sea urchins and sea cucumbers Echinodermata , phylum Echinodermata
soup made with chopped tomatoes and onions and cucumbers and peppers and herbs; served cold gazpacho
any of various small cucumbers pickled whole gherkin
diet prescribed to treat celiac disease; eliminates such foods as wheat and rye and oats and beans and cabbage and turnips and cucumbers that are rich in gluten gluten-free diet
any of various fruit of cucurbitaceous vines including: muskmelons; watermelons; cantaloupes; cucumbers melon , melon vine
fruit of a muskmelon vine; any of several sweet melons related to cucumbers muskmelon , sweet melon
found living within the alimentary canals of e.g. sea cucumbers or between the shells of pearl oysters in or near shallow seagrass beds pearl-fish , pearlfish
relish of chopped pickled cucumbers and green peppers and onion piccalilli
vegetables (especially cucumbers) preserved in brine or vinegar pickle
barrel holding vinegar in which cucumbers are pickled pickle barrel
Indian side dish of yogurt and chopped cucumbers and spices raita
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