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culture modification through contact with other cultures acculturation
branch of anthropology that studies prehistoric people and their cultures archaeology , archeology
study of literary works from different cultures (often in translation) comparative literature
interchange between different cultures or different ways of thinking that is mutually productive and beneficial cross-fertilisation , cross-fertilization
offspring of parents of different races or cultures half-caste
United States anthropologist noted for her claims about adolescence and sexual behavior in Polynesian cultures (1901-1978) Margaret Mead , Mead
cultures form integrated society, place where melting pot
marriage of two people from different races or different religions or different cultures mixed marriage
combining the viewpoints of several cultures multicultural
doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country multiculturalism
policy of perpetuating native cultures (in opposition to acculturation) nativism
scholarly knowledge of Western cultures and languages and people Occidentalism
scholarly knowledge of Asian cultures and languages and people Orientalism , Oriental Studies
German philosopher who argued that cultures grow and decay in cycles (1880-1936) Oswald Spengler , Spengler
slightly concave glass used to study bacteria cultures petri dish
study of spatial distances between individuals in different cultures and situations proxemics
ritual performed in some cultures at times when a individual changes his status (as from adolescence to adulthood) rite of passage
of or concerning the combined cultures of Texas and Mexico, as in cooking Tex-Mex
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