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lichens having dark brown erect or pendulous much-branched cylindrical thallus Alectoria , genus Alectoria
perennial having hollow cylindrical leaves used for seasoning Allium schoenoprasum , chive , chives , cive , schnittlaugh
cylindrical spikelike inflorescence ament , catkin
common North American anemone with cylindrical fruit clusters resembling thimbles Anemone cylindrica , thimbleweed
worms with cylindrical bodies segmented both internally and externally annelid , annelid worm , segmented worm
genus of rhizomatous perennial or biennial herbs with numerous sometimes fragrant flowers in long cylindrical racemes; Mediterranean region to Caucasus; sometimes placed in family Asphodelaceae Asphodeline , genus Asphodeline
shrubby tree with silky foliage and spikes of cylindrical yellow nectarous flowers Australian honeysuckle , Banksia integrifolia , coast banksia , honeysuckle
light cylindrical box for holding light articles of attire (especially hats) bandbox
any voracious marine fish of the genus Sphyraena having an elongated cylindrical body and large mouth with projecting lower jaw and long strong teeth barracuda
cylindrical vessel barrel
cylindrical container that holds liquids barrel , cask
bulging cylindrical shape; hollow with flat ends barrel , drum
poisonous fungus with a dingy yellow cap and orange red undersurface and a cylindrical reticulate stalk Boletus luridus
glass or plastic vessel used for storing drinks or other liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped bottle
cylindrical brush on a thin shaft that is used to clean bottles bottlebrush
roughly cylindrical vessel that is open at the top bucket , pail
rounded part of a cylindrical instrument (usually at one end) bulb
tall marsh plant with cylindrical seed heads that explode when mature shedding large quantities of down; its long flat leaves are used for making mats and chair seats; of North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa bullrush , bulrush , cat's-tail , nailrod , reed mace , reedmace , Typha latifolia
cylindrical metal lining used to reduce friction bushing , cylindrical lining
cylindrical metal container can
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