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one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlement adjuster , adjustor , claim agent , claims adjuster , claims adjustor
small east Asian insect naturalized in the United States that damages fruit trees Aspidiotus perniciosus , San Jose scale
small black-and-white fly that damages citrus and other fruits by implanting eggs that hatch inside the fruit Ceratitis capitata , medfly , Mediterranean fruit fly
unethical agreement between an attorney and client that the attorney would sue and pay the costs of the client's suit in return for a portion of the damages awarded champerty
(law) any wrongdoing for which an action for damages may be brought civil wrong , tort
(law) negligence allocated between the plaintiff and the defendant with a corresponding reduction in damages paid to the plaintiff comparative negligence
true bug: bug that damages and stains the lint of developing cotton cotton stainer
damages awarded in excess of actual loss exemplary damages
(law) compensation in excess of actual damages (a form of punishment awarded in cases of malicious or willful misconduct) exemplary damages , punitive damages , smart money
increased pressure in the eyeball due to obstruction of the outflow of aqueous humor; damages the optic disc and impairs vision (sometimes progressing to blindness) glaucoma
legal exemption from liability for damages indemnity
exemption from legal liability for damages indemnity
judgment rendered against an individual (or corporation) for the payment of money damages judgement in personam , judgment in personam , personal judgement , personal judgment
false publication that damages person's reputation libel
severe hypertension that runs a rapid course and damages the inner linings of the blood vessels and the heart and spleen and kidneys and brain malignant hypertension
North American insect that severely damages grasses meadow spittlebug , Philaenus spumarius
system of automobile insurance where a party who is injured in an automobile accident recovers damages up to a specific amount against his own insurance company regardless of who was responsible for the accident no fault automobile insurance , no fault insurance
breach that does not destroy the value of the contract but can give rise to a claim for damages partial breach
related to the leafhoppers and spittlebugs but rarely damages cultivated plants planthopper , plant hopper
compensation paid (to someone) for damages or losses or money already spent etc. reimbursement
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