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argument or debate rhetoric agon , tune
opening of a subject to widespread discussion and debate airing , dissemination , public exposure , spreading
someone who engages in debate arguer , debater
debate, study of formal argumentation , forensics
study of formal debate argumentation , forensics
closure imposed on the debate of specific sections of a bill closure by compartment , guillotine
debate ending in parliament closure , cloture
rule for limiting or ending debate in a deliberative body closure , cloture , gag law , gag rule
termination of debate cloture
discuss or debate deliberate , moot
debate, formal disputation
legislative hall where members debate and vote and conduct other business floor
endeavor of a Moslem scholar to derive a rule of divine law from the Koran and Hadith without relying on the views of other scholars; by the end of the 10th century theologians decided that debate on such matters would be closed and Muslim theology and la ijtihad
someone who presides over a forum or debate moderator
subject to debate moot
arguable and subject to debate moot
debate by law students moot court
lover of arguments or debate philopolemicist
free and open discussion of (or debate on) some question of public interest public discussion , ventilation
debate of fine point quodlibet
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