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someone who has insufficient assets to cover their debts bankrupt , insolvent
inability to discharge all your debts as they come due bankruptcy , failure
secret move (to avoid paying debts) flit
company (usually unincorporated) which has the capital of its members pooled in a common fund; transferable shares represent ownership interest; shareholders are legally liable for all debts of the company joint-stock company
having high debts leveraged
debt of the national government (as distinguished from the debts of individuals and businesses and political subdivisions) national debt
estate remaining after debts and funeral expenses and administrative expenses have been deducted from the gross estate; the estate then left to be distributed (and subject to federal and state inheritance taxes) net estate
total of the nation's debts: debts of local and state and national governments; an indicator of how much public spending is financed by borrowing instead of taxation public debt
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