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radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus that is accompanied by the emission of an alpha particle alpha decay
radiation of alpha particles during radioactive decay alpha radiation , alpha ray
highly unstable radioactive element (the heaviest of the halogen series); a decay product of uranium and thorium astatine , At , atomic number 85
decay or waste away atrophy
full of decay bad
radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus that is accompanied by the emission of a beta particle beta decay
high-speed electron or positron emitted in the decay of a radioactive isotope beta particle
radiation of beta particles during radioactive decay beta radiation , beta ray , electron radiation
strong stiff wood of a black-locust tree; very resistant to decay black locust
fungous disease causing darkening and decay of the leaves of fruits and vegetables black rot
any of certain fungous diseases of plants characterized by browning and decay of tissues brown rot
decay, spreading canker
decay of teeth, bones caries
bone decay caries
tooth decay caries
soft decayed area in a tooth; progressive decay can lead to the death of a tooth caries , cavity , dental caries , tooth decay
class of fungi in which the fruiting body is a cleistothecium (it releases spores only on decay or disintegration) class Plectomycetes , Plectomycetes
closed spore-bearing structure of some fungi (especially Aspergillaceae and Erysiphaceae) from which spores are released only by decay or disintegration cleistocarp , cleistothecium
decay of matter (as by rot or oxidation) corruption
decay in art, morals decadence
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