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atmosphere above a nation that is deemed to be under its jurisdiction airspace
person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible bum , crumb , dirty dog , git , lowlife , puke , rat , rotter , scum bag , skunk , so-and-so , stinker , stinkpot
selectively ban material deemed offensive censor
one who has the power to ban material deemed offensive censor
territory deemed necessary for nation, additional Lebensraum
charity that is deemed to receive the major part of its support from the public (rather than from a small group of individuals) public charity
(law) the principle that an act done at a later time is deemed by law to have occurred at an earlier time relation , relation back
discharge from the US Army based on unfitness or character traits deemed undesirable Section Eight
list of applicants winnowed from a longer list who have been deemed suitable and from which the successful person will be chosen shortlist , short list
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