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large northern deer with enormous flattened antlers in the male; called `elk' in Europe and `moose' in North America Alces alces , elk , European elk , moose
large North American deer with large much-branched antlers American elk , Cervus canadensis , wapiti
deciduous horn of a member of the deer family antler
deer horn antler
deer or animal with two to four toes on foot artiodactyl
deer of India axis
California shrub with slender leafy shoots that are important browse for mule deer Baccharis viminea , mule fat
small Asian deer with small antlers and a cry like a bark barking deer , muntjac
parasitic on mice of genus Peromyscus and bites humans; principal vector for Lyme disease in eastern United States (especially New England); northern form was for a time known as Ixodes dammini (deer tick) black-legged tick , Ixodes scapularis
mule deer of western Rocky Mountains black-tailed deer , blacktail , blacktail deer , Odocoileus hemionus columbianus
fern with erect fronds of Europe and western North America; often cultivated for deer browse Blechnum spicant , deer fern
male red deer in its second year brocket
small South American deer with unbranched antlers brocket
deer, South American brocket , guemal , pudu , vanada
mature male of various mammals (especially deer or antelope) buck
deer, male buck , hart , roebuck , spay , stag
long-eared deer of western North America with two-pronged antlers burro deer , mule deer , Odocoileus hemionus
small graceful deer of Eurasian woodlands having small forked antlers Capreolus capreolus , roe deer
roe deer Capreolus , genus Capreolus
deer, North American caribou , elk , moose , mule , reindeer , white-tailed
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