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Celtic god of love and beauty; patron deity of young men and women Aengus , Angus , Angus Og , Oengus
chief deity of Zoroastrianism; source of light and embodiment of good Ahura Mazda , Ormazd , Ormuzd
central deity of Shinto; goddess personifying the sun and ancestress of the rulers of Japan Amaterasu , Amaterasu Omikami
Egyptian sun god; supreme god of the universe in whom Amen and Ra were merged; principal deity during Theban supremacy Amen-Ra , Amon-Ra , Amun Ra
(Anglo-Saxon mythology) a deity worshipped by the Anglo-Saxons Anglo-Saxon deity
Celtic deity who was the lord of Annwfn (the other world or the land of fairies) Arawn
sun (or solar disc) which was the deity of a monotheistic cult under the Pharaoh Akhenaten Aten , Aton
act of atoning for sin or wrongdoing (especially appeasing a deity) atonement , expiation , propitiation
manifestation of a Hindu deity (especially Vishnu) in human or superhuman or animal form avatar
incarnation of deity avatar , embodiment , manifestation
profound emotion inspired by a deity awe , fear , reverence , veneration
(Hinduism) loving devotion to a deity leading to salvation and Nirvana; open to all persons independent of caste or sex bhakti
deity worshipped by the Celts Celtic deity
deity worshipped by the ancient Chinese Chinese deity
minor god or inferior deity demigod
subordinate deity, in some philosophies the creator of the universe demiurge
(Greek mythology) a mysterious and terrifying deity of the underworld Demogorgon
deity or nymph of the woods dryad , wood nymph
deity worshipped by the ancient Egyptians Egyptian deity
deity appearance epiphany
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