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derogatory term for a variation that is not genuine; something irregular or inferior or of dubious origin bastard , mongrel
trait of being effeminate (derogatory of a man) effeminacy , effeminateness , sissiness , softness , unmanliness , womanishness
in this sense `gentile' denotes a Christian as contrasted with a Jew; `goy' is a derogatory word for Christians used by Jews gentile , goy , non-Jew
hint, usually derogatory innuendo
derogatory term for a white person (said to have been used by North American Indians) paleface
derogatory reference to priests who use their influence to control secular or political affairs priestcraft
derogatory term used by Jews to refer to non-Jewish women shiksa , shikse
derogatory term for environmentalists who support restrictions on the logging industry and the preservation of forests tree hugger
organized dissemination of derogatory rumors designed to discredit a candidate whispering campaign
often derogatory term for a young, upwardly mobile professional yuppie
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