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descent down a nearly vertical surface by using a doubled rope that is coiled around the body and attached to some higher point abseil
south African native of European descent Afrikaner
line of descent traced through the paternal side of the family agnation , patrilineage
French army officer of Jewish descent whose false imprisonment for treason in 1894 raised issues of anti-Semitism that dominated French politics until his release in 1906 (1859-1935) Alfred Dreyfus , Dreyfus
one of American and Asian descent Amerasian
person of Anglo-Saxon (especially British) descent whose native tongue is English and whose culture is strongly influenced by English culture as in WASP for `White Anglo-Saxon Protestant' Anglo-Saxon
(according to Nazi doctrine) a Caucasian person of Nordic descent (and not a Jew) Aryan
Jew of eastern European or German descent Ashkenazi
American who is of Asian descent Asian American
missile with freefalling descent, self-powered ascent ballistic missile
steep descent of the seabed from the continental shelf to the abyssal zone bathyal district , bathyal zone , continental slope
line of descent traced through both the maternal and paternal sides of the family bilateral descent
Christian believed to be of Cappadocian descent who became bishop of the Visigoths in 341 and translated the Bible from Greek into Gothic; traditionally held to have invented the Gothic alphabet (311-382) Bishop Ulfila , Bishop Ulfilas , Bishop Wulfila , Ulfila , Ulfilas , Wulfila
offensive terms for a person of German descent Boche , Hun , Jerry , Kraut , Krauthead
group related by descent breed
person of Mexican descent Chicano
American of Mexican descent Chicano
offensive terms for a person of Chinese descent Chinaman , chink
Baptist denomination founded in 1708 by Americans of German descent; opposed to military service and taking legal oaths; practiced trine immersion Church of the Brethren , Dippers , Dunkers
line of descent traced through the maternal side of the family cognation , enation , matrilineage
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