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short descriptive poem of rural or pastoral life bucolic , eclogue , idyll
nickname, descriptive cognomen , epithet
(descriptive linguistics) the process whereby new words are formed from existing words or bases by affixation: `singer' from `sing'; `undo' from `do' derivation
grammar that is produced by descriptive linguistics descriptive grammar
(linguistics) a doctrine supporting or promoting descriptive linguistics descriptivism
descriptive word or phrase epithet
name or title, descriptive substitute for epithet
identifying or descriptive marker that is attached to an object label
low-calorie descriptive lite
descriptive name for a place or thing nickname
Indian grammarian whose grammatical rules for Sanskrit are the first known example of descriptive linguistics (circa 400 BC) Panini
short descriptive summary (of events) resume , sketch , survey
(computer science) a standardized language for the descriptive markup of documents; a set of rules for using whatever markup vocabulary is adopted SGML , standard generalized markup language
chemical compound's descriptive name systematic name
general or descriptive heading for a section of a written work title
literary work, short and descriptive vignette
writer of vivid or graphic descriptive power word-painter
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