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United States biochemist (born in Poland) who showed that several diseases were caused by dietary deficiencies and who coined the term `vitamin' for the chemicals involved (1884-1967) Casimir Funk , Funk
Jews who keep some of the requirements of the Mosaic law but allow for adaptation of other requirements (as some of the dietary laws) to fit modern circumstances Conservative Judaism
disease of cattle and sheep attributed to a dietary deficiency; characterized by anemia and softening of the bones and a slow stiff gait creeps
any of various polysaccharides obtained by hydrolysis of starch; a tasteless and odorless gummy substance that is used as a thickening agent and in adhesives and in dietary supplements dextrin
food that fulfills the requirements of Jewish dietary law kosher
dietary laws, conforming to Jewish kosher
white crystalline amino acid occurring in proteins that is essential for nutrition; obtained by the hydrolysis of most dietary proteins leucine
oral drug (trade name Mevacor) to reduce blood cholesterol levels; used when dietary changes have proved inadequate lovastatin , Mevacor
basic dietary need staple
pill containing one or more vitamins; taken as a dietary supplement vitamin pill
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