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write the directions for maili address
written directions for finding some location; written on letters or packages that are to be delivered to that location address , destination , name and address
branch of pure mathematics that deals only with the properties of a figure X that hold for every figure into which X can be transformed with a one-to-one correspondence that is continuous in both directions analysis situs , topology
property of being anisotropic; having a different value when measured in different directions anisotropy
ancient writing system: having alternate lines written in opposite directions; literally `as the ox ploughs' boustrophedon
separate directions from common point branch out , divaricate , diverge
mechanical device for scattering something (seed or fertilizer or sand etc.) in all directions broadcaster , spreader
navigational instrument for finding directions compass
any of 32 horizontal directions indicated on the card of a compass compass point , point
approach a point from different directions converge
join from different directions converge
directions, coming from different converging
book of recipes and cooking directions cookbook , cookery book
pleochroism of a crystal so that it exhibits two different colors when viewed from two different directions dichroism
spread in all directions diffuse , divaricate , diverge , pervade , splay
point, to go different directions from a common diverge
move in different directions from a point diverge
different directions, move in diverge
thinking that moves away in diverging directions so as to involve a variety of aspects and which sometimes lead to novel ideas and solutions; associated with creativity divergent thinking , out-of-the-box thinking
directions from a point, moving in different diverging
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