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disparaging remark aspersion , slur
(ethnic slur) offensive and disparaging term for Black man boy
disparaging term for an unsophisticated person bushwhacker , hillbilly
disapproving or disparaging depreciatory , pejorative
disparaging term for something inoffensive dysphemism
offensive or disparaging expression that is substituted for an inoffensive one dysphemism
characterization, often disparaging epithet
adjective that is disparaging epithet
disparaging term for an Asian person (especially for North Vietnamese soldiers in the Vietnam War) gook , slant-eye
Latin American (disparaging) term for foreigners (especially Americans and Englishmen) gringo
disparaging term for offspring of racially different parents half-breed
disparaging terms for small people half-pint , peewee , runt , shrimp
disparaging term for wealth pelf
disparaging term for an appointee placeman , placeseeker
disparaging term for English immigrants to Australia or New Zealand pom , pommy
disparaging terms for the common people rabble , ragtag , ragtag and bobtail , riffraff
disparaging remark slur , tut
mean or disparaging snide
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