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illusion of disturbed mind aberration , chimera , specter
beetle that ejects audibly a pungent vapor when disturbed bombardier beetle
mentally disturbed distraught
granular brown substance composed of ferric oxide; left from the breakdown of hemoglobin; can be a sign of disturbed iron metabolism haemosiderin , hemosiderin
harmless North American snake with upturned nose; may spread its head and neck or play dead when disturbed hognose snake , puff adder , sand viper
wingless insect living in dark moist places as under dead tree trunks; they make erratic leaps when disturbed jumping bristletail , machilid
quality of a physical system that persists in its existing equilibrium when undisturbed (or only slightly disturbed) but able to pass to a more stable equilibrium when sufficiently disturbed metastability
easily disturbed or excited nervy
physical therapy involving the therapeutic use of crafts and hobbies for the rehabilitation of handicapped or convalescing patients (especially for emotionally disturbed patients) occupational therapy
small unsegmented marine worm that when disturbed retracts its anterior portion into the body giving the appearance of a peanut peanut worm , sipunculid
agitated or disturbed state unrest
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