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divorce settlement paid to former spouse alimony , maintenance
divorce action, person bringing applicant
offense of marrying someone while you have a living spouse from whom no valid divorce has occurred bigamy
first wife of Henry VIII; Henry's divorce from her was the initial step of the Reformation in England (1485-1536) Catherine , Catherine of Aragon
voluntary union for life (or until divorce) of adult parties of the same sex civil union
codefendant charged with adultery with the estranged spouse in a divorce proceeding co-respondent , corespondent
adultery partner cited in divorce case corespondent
divorce action, adulterer cited in corespondent
divorce, guardianship awarded in custody
legal action to determine custody (usually of children following a divorce) custody case
(with `in') guardianship over; in divorce cases it is the right to house and care for and discipline a child custody , hands
decree issued on a first petition for divorce; becomes absolute at some later date decree nisi
marriage after death or divorce of first spouse deuterogamy , digamy
lawyer specializing in actions for divorce or annulment divorce lawyer
King of Great Britain and Ireland and Hanover from 1820 to 1830; his attempt to divorce his estranged wife undermined the prestige of the crown (1762-1830) George , George IV
woman who associates with or marries a rich man in order to get valuables from him through gifts or a divorce settlement gold digger
son of Henry VII and King of England from 1509 to 1547; his divorce from Catherine of Aragon resulted in his break with the Catholic Church in 1534 and his excommunication 1538, leading to the start of the Reformation in England (1491-1547) Henry VIII
state of being a married couple voluntarily joined for life (or until divorce) marriage , matrimony , spousal relationship , union , wedlock
English statesman who opposed Henry VIII's divorce from Catherine of Aragon and was imprisoned and beheaded; recalled for his concept of Utopia, the ideal state More , Sir Thomas More , Thomas More
city in western Nevada at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains; known for gambling casinos and easy divorce and remarriage Reno
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