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denial and rejection of a doctrine or belief abnegation
doctrine that calls for the abolition of slavery abolitionism
doctrine of an absolute being absolutism
someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another adherent , disciple
doctrine that life is sacred ahimsa
Buddhist and Hindu and especially Jainist doctrine holding that all forms of life are sacred and urging the avoidance of violence ahimsa
doctrine that moral distinctions are invalid amoralism
someone who adheres to the doctrine that ordinary moral distinctions are invalid amoralist
faith and doctrine and practice of the Anglican Church Anglicanism
religion believing in the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England Anglicans
doctrine and practice within the Church of England emphasizing the Catholic tradition Anglo-Catholicism , High Anglicanism
doctrine that human beings are purely animal in nature and lacking a spiritual nature animalism
doctrine that all natural objects and the universe itself have souls animism
one who accepts the doctrine of animism animist
doctrine of opposition to the social and political establishment antiestablishmentarianism , antiestablishmentism
follower of the doctrine of antinomianism antinomian
theological doctrine that by faith and God's grace a Christian is freed from all laws (including the moral standards of the culture) antinomianism
heretical doctrine taught by Arius that asserted the radical primacy of the Father over the Son Arianism
group of Baptist congregations believing the teachings of the Dutch theologian Jacobus Arminius (who opposed the doctrine of strict predestination of the Calvinists) Arminian Baptist , General Baptist
(Christianity) any of the sections into which a creed or other statement of doctrine is divided article of faith , credendum
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