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soft drink ade , cola , pop , soda , soda pop
intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess alcoholism , dipsomania , potomania
someone whose favorite drink is beer or ale ale drinker , beer drinker
(classical mythology) the food and drink of the gods; mortals who ate it became immortal ambrosia , nectar
alcoholic drink before dinner aperitif
drink before a meal, alcoholic aperitif
appetite-stimulating drink aperitif
alcoholic drink that is taken as an appetizer before a meal apertif
food or drink to stimulate the appetite (usually served before a meal or as the first course) appetiser , appetizer , starter
food or drink served prior to a meal appetizer
low spreading tropical American shrub with long slender leaves used to make a mildly stimulating drink resembling tea; sometimes placed in genus Eupatorium ayapana , Ayapana triplinervis , Eupatorium aya-pana
counter where you can obtain food or drink bar
alcoholic drink made from malt and hops beer
drink, excluding water beverage
carbonated drink containing an extract from bark of birch trees birch beer
cassava with long tuberous edible roots and soft brittle stems; used especially to make cassiri (an intoxicating drink) and tapioca bitter cassava , gari , mandioc , mandioca , Manihot esculenta , Manihot utilissima , manioc , tapioca plant
tart lemon-flavored carbonated drink bitter lemon
person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink) bon vivant , epicure , epicurean , foodie , gastronome , gourmet
drink liquor excessively booze
France drink bordeaux , burgundy , champagne , cognac
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