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battle in 1745 in which the French army under Marshal Saxe defeated the English army and their allies under the duke of Cumberland Battle of Fontenoy , Fontenoy
decisive battle in which William the Conqueror (duke of Normandy) defeated the Saxons under Harold II (1066) and thus left England open for the Norman Conquest battle of Hastings , Hastings
battle (1590) in which the Huguenots under Henry IV defeated the Catholics under the duke of Mayenne battle of Ivry , Ivry , Ivry la Bataille
battle on 18 June 1815 in which Prussian and British forces under Blucher and the Duke of Wellington routed the French forces under Napoleon Battle of Waterloo , Waterloo
First Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Savoy defeated the French in 1704 during the War of the Spanish Succession Blenheim
duke, concerning a ducal
wife of a duke or a woman holding ducal title in her own right duchess
domain controlled by a duke or duchess duchy , dukedom
dignity or rank or position of a duke dukedom
city of north central North Carolina; site of Duke University Durham
wife of a grand duke or a woman holding that rank in her own right grand duchess
domain controlled by a grand duke or grand duchess grand duchy
Norse chieftain who became the first duke of Normandy (860-931) Hrolf , Rolf , Rollo
grand duke of Muscovy whose victories against the Tartars laid the basis for Russian unity (1440-1505) Ivan III , Ivan III Vasilievich , Ivan the Great
second estate of the realm: the nobility (especially British nobility) of the rank of duke or marquess or earl or viscount or baron lords temporal , second estate
title used to address any British peer except a duke and extended to a bishop or a judge Lordship
British peer ranking below a duke and above an earl marquess
nobleman below duke but above earl and count marquess , marquis
nobleman (duke or marquis or earl or viscount or baron) who is a member of the British peerage peer
duke of Normandy who led the Norman invasion of England and became the first Norman to be King of England; he defeated Harold II at the battle of Hastings in 1066 and introduced many Norman customs into England (1027-1087) William I , William the Conqueror
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