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removes dust particles from gases by electrostatic precipitation Cottrell precipitator , precipitator
meter to measure electrostatic voltage differences; draws no current from the source electrometer
electrode that is the source of electrons in a cathode-ray tube or electron microscope; consists of a cathode that emits a stream of electrons and the electrostatic or electromagnetic apparatus that focuses it electron gun
simple electrostatic generator that generates repeated charges of static electricity electrophorus
electric charge at rest on the surface of an insulated body (which establishes and adjacent electrostatic field) electrostatic charge
electrostatic printer that focuses a laser beam to form images that are transferred to paper electrostatically laser printer
electrostatic capacitor of historical interest Leiden jar , Leyden jar
electricity produced by mechanical pressure on certain crystals (notably quartz or Rochelle salt); alternatively, electrostatic stress produces a change in the linear dimensions of the crystal piezo effect , piezoelectric effect , piezoelectricity
unit of radiation exposure; the dose of ionizing radiation that will produce 1 electrostatic unit of electricity in 1 cc of dry air R , roentgen
generator, electrostatic Van de Graaf generator
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