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inelegance of someone stiff and unrelaxed (as by embarrassment) awkwardness , clumsiness , gracelessness , stiffness
trait of exhibiting no personal embarrassment or concern blandness
sudden reddening of the face (as from embarrassment or guilt or shame or modesty) blush , flush
strong feelings of embarrassment chagrin , humiliation , mortification
knowing how to avoid embarrassment or distress circumspection , discreetness , discretion , prudence
feeling of embarrassment that leaves you confused confusion , discombobulation
anxious embarrassment discomfiture , discomposure , disconcertion , disconcertment
something that extricates you from embarrassment disembarrassment
freedom from constraint or embarrassment ease , informality
difficulty or embarrassment that is hard to extricate yourself from mire
embarrassment deriving from the feeling that others are critically aware of you self-consciousness , uncomfortableness , uneasiness
move back in fear or embarrassment shrink
feeling of fear of embarrassment shyness
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