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Eurasian perennial herb with white flowers that emit flammable vapor in hot weather burning bush , Dictamnus alba , dittany , fraxinella , gas plant
visual attribute of things that results from the light they emit or transmit or reflect color , coloring , colour , colouring
(cosmology) a hypothetical form of matter that is believed to make up 90 percent of the matter in the universe; it is invisible (does not absorb or emit light) and does not collide with atomic particles but exerts gravitational force dark matter
large brightly marked tropical insect with a process like a snout that was formerly thought to emit light lantern-fly , lantern fly
nebula that was once thought to be a star with its planets but is now thought to be a very hot star surrounded by an expanding envelope of ionized gases that emit a fluorescent glow because of intense radiation from the star planetary nebula
emit an explosive sound pop
emit a foul odor reek
cause a bell to emit sound ring
emit a low thunderous sound rumble
produce and emit secrete
emit lava spew
pressing iron that can emit steam steam iron
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