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large light-grey African rhinoceros having two horns; endangered; sometimes placed in genus Diceros Ceratotherium simum , Diceros simus , white rhinoceros
2 species of small New Zealand trees: weeping tree broom; endangered Chordospartium , genus Chordospartium
wild horse of central Asia that resembles an ass; now endangered Equus caballus przevalskii , Equus caballus przewalskii , Przevalski's horse , Przewalski's horse
international organization that works for environmental conservation and the preservation of endangered species Greenpeace
large feline of forests in most of Asia having a tawny coat with black stripes; endangered Panthera tigris , tiger
rare and endangered monoecious parasitic conifer of New Caledonia; parasitic on Falcatifolium taxoides Parasitaxus ustus , parasite yew
short porpoise that lives in the Gulf of California; an endangered species Phocaena sinus , vaquita
someone who advocates the preservation of historical sites or endangered species or natural areas preservationist
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