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ending of slavery abolition
floating aquatic carnivorous perennial of central and southern Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia having whorls of 6 to 9 leaves ending in hinged lobes for capturing e.g. water fleas Aldrovanda vesiculosa , waterwheel plant
prayer ending amen
cadence (frequently ending church music) in which the chord of the subdominant precedes the chord of the tonic amen cadence , plagal cadence
repetition of word(s) ending previous phrase, rhetorical anadiplosis
ending, unsurprising and disappointing anticlimax
ending battle between good and evil Armageddon
shorts ending just above knee Bermuda shorts
opera with a happy ending and in which some of the text is spoken bouffe , comic opera , opera bouffe , opera comique
trousers ending above the knee breeches , knee breeches , knee pants , knickerbockers , knickers
any of the smallest bronchial ducts; ending in alveoli bronchiole
pants ending just below knee capri , clamdiggers , pedalpushers
number of cases of a disease ending in death divided by the number of cases of the disease; usually expressed as a percentage or as the number of deaths per 1000 cases case-fatality proportion
most common paintbrush of western United States dry lands; having erect stems ending in dense spikes of bright orange to red flowers Castilleja chromosa , desert paintbrush
chess position where king is attacked and has no move, thus ending game checkmate
process of ending closure
debate ending in parliament closure , cloture
rule for limiting or ending debate in a deliberative body closure , cloture , gag law , gag rule
light and humorous drama with a happy ending comedy
act of ending something conclusion , ending , termination
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