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no alternation of generations the medusoid phase being entirely suppressed: sea anemones; corals Actinozoa , Anthozoa , class Actinozoa , class Anthozoa
sessile marine coelenterates including solitary and colonial polyps; the medusoid phase is entirely suppressed actinozoan , anthozoan
extremely cold continent at the south pole almost entirely below the Antarctic Circle; covered by an ice cap up to 13,000 feet deep Antarctica , Antarctic continent
fleshy and usually brightly colored cover of some seeds that develops from the ovule stalk and partially or entirely envelopes the seed aril
Japanese defeat in World War II (May 1942); the first naval battle fought entirely by planes based on aircraft carriers battle of the Coral Sea , Coral Sea
stocky creamy-white Asiatic moth found almost entirely under human care; the source of most of the silk of commerce Bombyx mori , domestic silkworm moth
fortification of earth; mostly or entirely below ground bunker , dugout
order of animals including almost entirely freshwater fishes: characins; loaches; carp; suckers; sometimes classified as a suborder of Ostariophysi Cypriniformes , order Cypriniformes
district occupied entirely by the city of Washington; chosen by George Washington as the site of the nation's capital and created out of land ceded by Maryland and Virginia D.C. , DC , District of Columbia
appearance of entirely new properties at certain critical stages in the course of evolution emergent evolution
including entirely encompassment
act of exhausting something entirely exhaustion
(philosophy) a 20th-century philosophical movement chiefly in Europe; assumes that people are entirely free and thus responsible for what they make of themselves existentialism , existentialist philosophy , existential philosophy
corporation that is entirely owned by the members of a single family family business
corn having kernels almost entirely of soft starch flour corn , soft corn , squaw corn , Zea mays amylacea
herbs almost entirely of mountains of China and Tibet; often monocarpic genus Meconopsis , Meconopsis
altogether and entirely in toto
aircraft landing made entirely by means of instruments instrument landing
3rd largest of the Great Lakes; the largest freshwater lake entirely within the United States borders Lake Michigan , Michigan
military dictatorship in northern Africa on the Mediterranean; consists almost entirely of desert; a major exporter of petroleum Libya , Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
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