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epilepsy characterized by paroxysmal attacks of brief clouding of consciousness (a possible other abnormalities) absence , petit mal epilepsy
epilepsy characterized by akinesia akinetic epilepsy
drug used to treat or prevent convulsions (as in epilepsy) anticonvulsant , anticonvulsant drug , antiepileptic , antiepileptic drug
any reaction that occurs automatically without conscious thought or reflection (especially the undirected behavior seen in psychomotor epilepsy) automatism
severing the corpus callosum so that communication between the cerebral hemispheres is interrupted (in cases of severe intractable epilepsy) callosectomy , callosotomy
epilepsy in which the attack begins with an isolated disturbance of cerebral function (as a twitching of a limb or an illusory sensation or a mental disturbance) cortical epilepsy , focal epilepsy
anticonvulsant drug (trade name Dilantin) used to treat epilepsy and that is not a sedative Dilantin , diphenylhydantoin , phenytoin
anticonvulsant drug (trade names Emeside and Zarontin) used to treat petit mal epilepsy Emeside , ethosuximide , Zarontin
seizure (or a type of epilepsy characterized by such seizures) during which the patient becomes unconscious and has convulsions over the entire body epilepsia major , generalized seizure , grand mal
seizure (or a type of epilepsy characterized by such seizures) of short duration characterized by momentary unconsciousness and local muscle spasms or twitching epilepsia minor , petit mal
person who has epilepsy epileptic
anticonvulsant drug (trade name Gemonil) used in the treatment of epilepsy Gemonil , metharbital
epilepsy in which the attack involves loss of consciousness and tonic spasms of the musculature followed by generalized jerking generalized epilepsy , grand mal epilepsy
epilepsy, severe grand mal
any of a group of anticonvulsant drugs used in treating epilepsy hydantoin
focal epilepsy in which the attack usually moves from distal to proximal limb muscles on the same side of the body Jacksonian epilepsy
experience of being unfamiliar with a person or situation that is actually very familiar; associated with certain types of epilepsy jamais vu
epilepsy characterized by clonus of muscle groups and progressive mental deterioration and genetic origin Lafora's disease , myoclonus epilepsy
long-acting crystalline barbiturate (trade name Mebaral) used as a sedative and as an anticonvulsant in the treatment of epilepsy Mebaral , mephobarbital
toxic anticonvulsant drug (trade name Mesantoin) used in the treatment of epilepsy when less toxic anticonvulsants have been ineffective mephenytoin , Mesantoin
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